We are happy to announce the new tool available in openLCA for regionalized water footprint, after almost a year of colaboration between GreenDelta and CIRAIG we finished implementing AWARE in openLCA and to celebrate we are offering a Webinar about AWARE and our implementation.*

You can attend it next Tuesday 21.11.2017 16:00 – 17:00 (Berlin time – UTC/GMT +1 ) clicking here.

The presentation will shortly summarize the AWARE LCIA method and will explain the implementation in openLCA followed by a small demonstration and Anne-Marie Boulay, the main chair of WULCA committee for the development of AWARE will also join our talk.

*No previous knowledge of openLCA is needed althoug it would help to understand how the implementation works.


The AWARE method is a regionalized water foot printing method compliant with ISO 14046 developed by WULCA and a result of an international consensus building process that took several years.

The method and the aggregated characterization factors at the country level are publicly available, however since openLCA is the only LCA software that supports regionalized LCIA calculations coupled with GIS files (.shp), we implemented AWARE in collaboration with CIRAIG to enable users to calculate the WF up to the native scale (0.5’ x 0.5’), meaning that the user can define any region for the process regionalization using polygons, lines or dots, openLCA then aggregates the characterization factors using a consumption weighted average and finally calculates the WF. 

For more information you can also check our poster: Ciroth, A., Bizarro, D. (2017): Implementing AWARE as regionalized LCIA method in software – challenges, outcomes, findings, poster, ACLCA Conference Series, Portsmouth 03.-05.10.2017

We are looking forward to welcome you all there!