What we do, our portfolio – and the art of sustainability consulting

There are many sustainability consultants, which is good. We are different, on purpose. We are one of the very few “full scale” sustainability consultants and advisors, with own development of software, databases, methods, and application of these, for life cycle and sustainability assessments, for environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, social Life Cycle Assessment, and Circular Economy.

And from these full scale consultants, we are the only one, worldwide, who develops and publishes open source software for life cycle and sustainability assessment that is broadly used.

This gives us freedom to use one or the other approach, or combination of several ones, and one or several tools, and databases, and adapt existing tools and databases as well, to find and provide the best solution, instead of needing to trust and push one single software for example. We believe our projects, and in the end our clients, benefit from this independence and from our broader view.

We like working on challenging, new, or innovative questions, but are also used to perform “typical” projects. We perform our projects in a collaborative approach and with an ability to listen and adapt, and to recommed and develop based on our expertise. Specifically, expect us to be able to explain why we do and propose something in the projects.

If you are interested in finding and collaborating with someone who really aims to understand your idea and is able and willing to think it through, and advise, and put into practice, a solution and analysis that fits to you, relying on over 20 years of experience, with many current, state-of-the-art solutions at hand, with full understanding of tools, data, and approaches, then we are happy if you get into contact with us.

Data and databases, Software and tools, Consultancy and advice, and broader research are part of our portfolio.

We call this the art of sustainability consulting. Lead, care, don’t run after what others are currently doing. And despite being not necessarily on the beaten track, our sustainability consulting creates value, offers insight, and is not more expensive, especially not in the long run: we are committed to enable and support our clients, instead of selling “something” of claimed high quality. Test us.