Tools for supporting your work

We develop software for Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment and for other related topics, as open source and as closed source: Dedicated smaller tools, and comprehensive full scale applications. Web-based applications, and desktop applications as well.

We develop the tools in an agile, pragmatic, and feedback-based manner, in-house. Early on, a first test version is available for showcasing the principal idea, and for collecting feedback. Quality assurance is integrated into the development. You can expect a full mastership of recent, up-to-date IT technologies, and of Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment approaches and concepts. And we like to explore new topics for tools.

Below some examples for software we have developed at GreeDelta.

openLCA: The world’s leading, feature-rich, open source and free software for Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment, developed by GreenDelta since 2007.

openLCA Nexus website: Largest data repository for LCA and sustainability data world-wide, developed and operated by GreenDelta. Nexus includes databases such as ecoinvent, GaBi, ESU World Food, Agribalyse, Ökobaudat, ELCD, and many more.

Sophena: Software for the technical and economic planning of heating networks, developed for C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V., Centrales Agrar-Rohstoff-Marketing- und Energie-Netzwerk in Straubing, Germany. Sophena is available in version 1 since end of 2016, as free and open source tool.

IO model builder: The I/O model builder is an open source Python library and tool for creating environmentally extended input-output models (EEIO models) from CSV files in a simple data format. It is available from US EPA’s github repository.

CAP’EM: The project aims to promote eco-materials and provide the construction industry with simple and practical tools. GreenDelta is the technical partner of the project and has developed and implemented the CAP’EM compass software.

 WARM: Web-based tool for assessing the greenhouse gas emissions of waste management methods, with the aim to help waste planners reduce waste, developed for US EPA.

openLCA format converter: Free and open source tool for converting various LCA data formats from one format into the other, including EcoSpold01 to ILCD, EcoSpold02 to ILCD, ILCD to EcoSpold01, and ILCD to EcoSpold02. Mapping files are considered during the mapping, and can be modified.

Collaboration Server: Powerful solution for a distributed, parallel collaboration for LCA and sustainability data and model creation, management, and groupwork.

EPD editor: Free plugin for openLCA that can be used for creating Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804. Developed for the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR). In an ongoing project (May 2017), the plugin is developed into a stand-alone, open source application.

E-DEA: Eco-Design-software, connects with SimaPro as calculation engine, for non-expert users in enterprise design centers for example who can directly connect to consistent LCA models, and modify them. Developed by GreenDelta, initially in collaboration with evea, France.

CoEAT: Web-based tool for assessing the economic feasibility of food waste co-digestion at wastewater treatment plants, developed for US EPA.