Consultancy, interaction and exchange

Consultancy, dilligence for work

Consultancy, unbiased & competent directions and advice

Consultancy, connecting dots, thinking inside and outside of boxes

Fair, unbiased, competent advice and support for all aspects of sustainability

For enterprises, policy and institutes, and SMEs

Aspects we are working on in sustainability consulting include:

  • creating values for enterprises by closing life cycles, by greening supply chains, and by communication
  • avoiding threats
  • how to turn an enterprise and its supply chains greener
  • how to position in the market, with more and more clients reacting sensitive towards social and environmental issues linked to products
  • insights into the sustainability of the value chain
  • how to consider PEF and the circular economy package
  • implementing social LCA in the company
  • case studies for Life Cycle Assessment, and for Social Life Cycle Assessment
  • training and support for Life Cycle Assessment, social Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, and for LCA software, especially openLCA
  • critical reviews for LCA studies according to ISO 14040/44
  • regional sustainability – sustainable cities and villages