The European Commission published the ‚Product Environmental Footprint‘ (PEF) in 2013 in order to create one common European environmental assessment methodology for products and services. Although there is a lot of controversy around the PEF methodology, PEF is expected to be of great importance for companies in the future.

One challenge of PEF is the application of the so-called Circular Footprint Formula (CFF). We wrote a short paper on this challenge and use a simple case study on intermediate paper products to illustrate the application of the CFF. The paper is an additional source of information next to the official PEF guide and the webinar (slides; recording) dedicated to the CFF. Our paper does not intend to discuss the methodological consistency of the CFF nor methodological challenges of PEF in general. It is purely an explanation of how to apply the proposed Circular Footprint Formula (CFF) and comes with a small MS Excel model for clarification:

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