December 14, 5 pm (CET)
December 19, 9 am (CET)

We are happy to announce that we have launched the second version of the PSILCA database.

PSILCA is an innovative database for Social Life Cycle Assessment aiming to provide transparent and up-to-date information on social impacts of products along their entire life cycles.

The Product Social Impact Life Cycle Assessment Database (PSILCA) covers almost 15,000 industry sectors and commodities in 189 countries which are interconnected by the input/ output model of the Eora database. For the second version of the PSILCA, data has been updated and 12 new indicators, including one for Consumers as stakeholder, have been added. Hence, social risks are now measured by 65 qualitative and quantitative indicators addressing 19 subcategories ranging from Workers` rights and Safety to Access of local communities to material resources to Fair Competition between value chain actors.

For more transparency and disclosure of risk assessment, background information on the source, year, raw value and data quality documents every dataset. Based on this information, the user can modify individually the risk assessment per process and for the whole indicator. With PSILCA 2.0, life cycle results can even be analyzed on the basis of their individual and overall data quality. In conclusion, PSILCA is a comprehensive foundation for social life cycle assessments.

The webinar will start with a brief general introduction to the database, followed by the presentation of the new indicators and features of PSILCA 2.0. Examples will illustrate the database´s use in practice.

The webinar is free and will take place on two different dates with the same content. Each course will last approximately 45 min, including time for questions. The presentation will be held in English by Franziska Eisfeldt, sustainability consultant at GreenDelta.

To register for the webinar on December 14th at 5 pm (CET), please click here.

For the presentation on December 19th at 9 am (CET) please click here.