Senior Sustainability Researcher and Consultant at GreenDelta

Change the world with us

About GreenDelta

Who we are, and what do we do

Based in Berlin (Germany), we had since the start of the company in 2004 the idea to combine data, tools, and smart methods for assessing the sustainability of products and “everything else” over the life cycle.

In the last years, therefore, we created technical support tools such as the format converter, an EPD editor, various web-based tools for non-experts, and the open source software openLCA for performing Life Cycle Assessments, which is now the world’s most widely used LCA software.

We created Nexus, the largest repository for LCA data, and PSILCA, a transparent database for social impacts over the life cycle, representing the entire world economy. We are working on the next generation of a data pool for environmental assessments over the life cycle. We are now preparing data for about 10 different companies who use life cycle data in their own systems, and work in several German, European and also North-American research projects to advance sustainability assessment, e.g. for hydrogen systems, in the building sector, for trading plastic recyclates, bringing principles of biology into industrial production processes, establishing a digital product pass, and more; we are providing training and support to users of openLCA, and not the least, we work with a growing number of companies to build up own teams for sustainability, and to evaluate, better understand, and ideally reduce the environmental and sustainability performance of products, from menstrual products to data centres to bike tires to wooden planks to electric components to wind farms.

Expect to meet people in a team that is mastering all aspects of sustainability, from data collection to database creation and harmonisation, to software development in sustainability, and that is also putting these elements to practical use, for clients and in projects worldwide.

Does this sound interesting to you?


A good fit?

  • You are curious and intelligent,
  • careful and somewhat bold at the same time,
  • interested in the environment and sustainability,
  • have an understanding for data and numbers,
  • but also in language, communication and people.
  • you want to achieve results,
  • and contribute to spearheading developments in sustainability, for both small and really large
    companies and organisations.


  • a company caring for your specific needs (family, work location, and also specific interests),
  • a fair and good (and to say the word: competitive) salary, with
  • start-up atmosphere but solid finances and a long-term perspective.

About the position

As a consultant and researcher you will be involved in a range of exciting activities. The work with private clients ranges from LCA studies to the development of tools and solutions for their sustainability strategy. It is common to work closely with other colleagues from both the consultant team or the software development team.

Research, on the other hand, gives space for innovation. We work on big research projects with an international consotium as sustainability leaders.

 Who do we look for?

For all of our positions, the actual past grades and specific education are less interesting than the person, as described before.

We are looking for someone that:

  • understands what it takes to make a good LCA study, and have already applied this to several
  • that knows related Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment methods;
  • is familiar with openLCA and possibly one other LCA software;
  • has a proven experience in data analysis and statistics;
  • brings an understanding of industrial processes and of environmental and chemical principles;
  • like to work on “yet unsolved” problems, and have a capability to provide solutions to these
    problems that make sense;
  • is a diligent but also creative personality;
  • likes to explain and discuss your work, and discuss work of others.


  • English is a prerequisite (mother tongue / C1), and German language an advantage.
  • Good knowledge of scripting (python, R) for data processing and analysis is an advantage.

How to apply?

The position is available as from January onwards.


We welcome applications of smart, open-minded, and team-oriented individuals who are interested in “becoming part of the story”, and part of an international, open, creative and yet dilligent team.


If this sounds interesting to you, we look forward to receiving your CV, cover letter and a design portfolio (if you have one), to addressed to Dr. Andreas Ciroth and Julia Cilleruelo Palomero (Please no recruitment agencies!)

Thank you!