Digital Life Cycle Record for the Circular Economy

About the project


The ReCircE project aims to improve the resource efficiency of material cycles. This goal is to be achieved by combining a digital product description – the “life cycle record” – with intelligent sorting technologies supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

Information on the product and product life cycle is stored in the life cycle record. This includes, for example, the materials used in the manufacturing processes and their properties. This information is made available for material recovery – i.e. for sorting, recycling, and subsequent reuse.

In this way, data can be obtained from the life cycle file and used for improved sorting. Product and material data are made available to machine learning processes to enable AI-based sorting decisions. At the same time, data from sorting flows into the life cycle record and represents a supplementary source of information for subsequent recycling processes.

Through the data in the life cycle record and with the help of machine learning processes and sensor-based sorting, the overall material efficiency in the recycling of products and materials can be increased. This means that higher proportions of valuable materials can be recovered and processed into products made from secondary raw materials.


GreenDelta in the project

GreenDelta is the consortium leader within the ReCircE project. The main focus of our work is the development of a resource efficiency assessment tool that can also be used by non-experts, and research around the digital life cycle record.


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Project duration: 10/2020 – 09/2023