Peer-reviewed LCA of menstrual products

A comprehensive analysis of the environmental impacts

About the project

This study was commissioned by a company selling health and personal hygiene products. The aim of the study was to conduct a comparative Life cycle assessment of menstrual products, reviewed by a panel of experts according to the requirements of the ISO 14040:2006. Tampons, menstrual pads, and reusable products were specifically included in the assessment. Within the tampons and pads, two options are included: organic cotton and cellulosic based products. The raw materials, manufacturing, use, and disposal of products were considered. The results of the study are intended to be made public.

GreenDelta in the project

The focus of GreenDelta in this project was to cover in as much detail as possible the different factors involved in the different life cycle phases of the menstrual products. For example, the washing of hands post-use of the menstrual product and boiling of the reusable products was also taken into consideration. Various impact categories such as climate change, land-use, ecotoxicity and resource use were analyzed amongst others to provide a holistic view of the life cycle of the menstrual products. The models were created using data provided by the commissioner as well as from literature sources. The final results provided interesting perspectives on the menstrual products which could then be utilized for communication, marketing or other purposes.

Contact person: Cristina Vilabrille Paz, Tel.+49 30 9147 7965

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Project duration: 2020 (5 months)