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About the “iomb”

iomb is an open source Python library for creating environmentally extended input-output models (EEIO models) from CSV files in a simple data format. It includes functions to calculate different result types (e.g. life cycle assessment results, direct and upstream contributions, etc.) from such models and convert them into JSON-LD data packages that can be imported into openLCA.

Details, links, and resources

Project duration: 2016-2017. iomb was developed by GreenDelta under contract of CSRA, commissioned by US EPA.

github project repository with code, documentation and jupyter notebook example:

Using the iomb

iomb can be obtained from github. Installation and usage are explained in the readme of the github repository. A more detailed example in the form of a jupyter notebook is also available, here.

iomb contains functions to calculate the technical coefficients matrix A from a use table U and a supply table V as described in the Concepts and Methods of the U.S. Input-Output Accounts, Chapter 12. The supply and use tables that iomb can process are stored in CSV files with sector keys as column and row headers and plain numeric values as cell entries. The sector keys identify the rows and columns and are also used to link the economic data to the data in the satellite and meta-data tables. The github repository contains also the test csv tables.

An excerpt from the jupyter book, where graphs are created on the fly:

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