Guided case study for CCL

LCA case study

Why a guided case study

The effort for conducting the first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study, maybe even compliant to ISO 14040/14044, is usually quite high, in terms of time and money spent.
With a Guided Case Study users can reduce the effort and, at the same time, increase their LCA knowledge to be able to adapt their models in the future independently from a consultant.

Basically, in a guided case study, the user interacts with an experienced team from GreenDelta, and conducts the first study together. The specific share of the workload, timing, and responsbilities can be adapted to best meet the clients needs; in an extreme case, GreenDelta is involved only in three supervisory days, and a possible training with software and data; on the other side, GreenDelta can also take most parts of the entire study.

Result is a case study, but obviously, clients get also insights into how a case study is conducted, from a driver’s seat perspective. This typically gives useful information into how LCA should be implemented in a company as well.

The case

CCL Label – a division of CCL Industries Inc. – is the leading supplier for different kinds of labels covering multiple application areas, such as beverages, healthcare or food & dairy. CCL was interested in assessing environmental impacts of produced labels from cradle-to-gate and conduct LCA studies to gain and understand information about the inventory and about potential impacts, and make some parts of the information available to B2B customers.


One first case study was conducted, after a training on method and software, for one specific label product, jointly with the client. GreenDelta supported data collection and provided input and review of the inventory model, the impact assessment results, and interpretation. This first model is going to be modified and adapted to other products of the client, by the client, independent from GreenDelta.


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