Collaboration server

Efficient and versatile LCA data sharing, submission and collaboration in teams

About the project

The Collaboration server is developed to provide a stable, versatile, and flexible solution for creating LCA models, sharing them, and for collaboration in teams. It consists of a server application and additions in openLCA as LCA modeling software; both together allow a distributed, parallel collaboration for LCA and sustainability data set and model creation and management.

GreenDelta in the project

The Collabration server is developed by GreenDelta, with support from the US Department of Agriculture.

Links and resources, practicalities

The Collaboration Server directly links to openLCA; more details are available on a dedicated page at the openLCA site, here:

Support for development from US Department of Agriculture is gratefully acknowledged.

The Collaboration Server is free software. It can be set up in an intranet or also as extranet / internet server. If you are interested in testing and using the Collaboration Server, please send us a note.

Presentations about the Collaboration Server:

Rodríguez, C., Greve, S., Ciroth, A. (2016): LCA Collaboration Server: enhancing LCA data creation and sharing, presentation LCA XVI, Charleston, 28 September 2016

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