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18.8.2017 : 16:32 : +0200

openLCA and current development in software and data formats

Andreas Ciroth will give a seminar on current developments in LCA software and data formats on April 25 at Chalmers University in Sweden.

After several years of relative stability, the LCA software market is moving: New players are entering the stage, and novel ways to use LCA software are becoming popular. These novel uses are possible in part due to new technologies provided by LCA software, and in part by a different understanding of the traditional software licence model. In parallel, traditional LCA software is still strongly used, and licence prices are increasing.

New ways for using LCA software also pose challenges for LCA data; especially, an increased collaborative "workmode" for LCA is requiring better exchange and interoperability of LCA data. This brings attention to LCA data formats, and how far they can be converted into each other; it also demands different work modes for LCA software.

The seminar will present current status and developments of LCA software, data, and data formats. Some of the points will be made using openLCA, an open source LCA software developed by GreenDelta since 2006, with increased use, worldwide, and the openLCA format converter, released in 2006 for the first time. After the initial presentation, participants will be invited to join the discussion on how this area can be developed further.

The seminar is a joint arrangement of CPM Swedish life cycle center and Chalmers ESA.


Please register no later than April 23 to: cpm(at)


April 25, 13.00-15.00, beginning with coffee and mingle 12.30
ESA seminar room, Chalmers Rännvägen 6B, 2nd floor