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18.8.2017 : 16:31 : +0200

openLCA NEXUS-I Functionality

OpenLCA - Development of Open Source Software for Life Cycle Assessment: A Tool for the Development of NonExpert User Interfaces (NEXUS-I)

Project description

OpenLCA is primarily designed to provide expert users trained in life cycle assessment (LCA) the capability to manage data and perform calculations. To expand the usefulness of LCA models built in openLCA for stakeholder engagement and decision-support, this project develops the capability to create interfaces designed for non-expert users. Rather than create many independent decision-support tools, efficiencies can be achieved through the development of a core functionality which can be used to develop a wide range of models and non-expert interfaces which can evolve with changing Agency requirements and modeling capabilities. 

The functionality will provide flexibility for the model developer to set up the non-expert user interface according to the particular needs and abilities/understanding of the audience. It will provide functionality to support the flexible integration of all available calculation and visualization capabilities currently available in the openLCA software package. It will allow for presentation of results in some key formats currently supported by openLCA including process trees, process groupings, elementary flow contributions, and process contributions.

Start date

July 2013

Commissioner/Cooperation partner

US Environmental Protection Agency