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18.8.2017 : 16:30 : +0200

Free webinar: Introducing PSILCA 1.0 - A comprehensive and transparent Database for Social LCA

Do you want to be able to assess social impacts of products along their entire life cycles? Is it your goal to incorporate your own collected data in the assessment rather than depending solely on external evaluation? Take advantage of access to full risk evaluation schemes and discover PSILCA - the new database for Social LCA!


PSILCA is an innovative database for Social Life Cycle Assessment aiming to provide transparent and up-to-date information on social impacts of products over their life cycles. 

The first public version of the Product Social Impact Life Cycle Assessment Database (PSILCA) is based on a comprehensive, recent world economy model by Eora. Providing generic inventory information for almost 15,000 industry sectors and commodities and covering 54 useful qualitative and quantitative social indicators, PSILCA allows the user to carry out full social life cycle assessments.  

However, since social assessment always involves some sort of subjectivity, data and data collection methods are provided as transparently as possible. Therefore, social aspects are not only displayed as risk-assessed flows. Rather, the specific amount of the indicator as well as the source and year of a specific data point are visible. Further, information on data quality per indicator and country-specific sector and the overall evaluation scheme of social aspects are made available. Based on this information, the user can modify individually the risk assessment for each process and the whole indicator.

Scope of webinar

The main objective of the webinar is to give an overview of PSILCA and its use in practice. 
In further detail the trainer will:

  • Present the three different types of the database in LCA software
  • Illustrate the practical use of PSILCA based on examples
  • Outline ongoing work and future procedure regarding updates and extensions   

Time and organisation

The webinar is offered on two different dates with the same content. Please choose one:

  • March 31st, 4 pm - 5 pm (CET) or 
  • April 12th, 9 am - 10 am (CET)

The presentation will be held in English by Franziska Eisfeldt, sustainability consultant at GreenDelta. 

All you need to participate is a computer with internet access.


To participate please fill out the registration form and return it to us via fax, mail or email:

Franziska Eisfeldt
Sustainability Consultant

GreenDelta GmbH
Müllerstraße 135
13349 Berlin, Germany 

Tel. +49 30 48 496 ? 992
Fax +49 30 48 496 - 991 

After receiving your registration we will send you the login details of the course.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us under


The presentation of the webinar can be downloaded here.

To watch the webinar, click on the video below.