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18.8.2017 : 16:29 : +0200

Short Course - Introducing PSILCA: A comprehensive database for S-LCA

PSILCA is an innovative, comprehensive database providing a new, transparent and up-to-date foundation for social LCA. Containing global data for ca. 15.000 industry sectors and commodities and covering a broad set of quantitative and qualitative indicators this social LCA database makes it possible to access, organize and evaluate social impacts of products along their whole life cycles.

In the course, the trainer will introduce the database, explain its methodology and present different fields of application. Its use in practice will be illustrated by examples. Furthermore, the participants will perform practical exercises that can be related to their fields of work or research.

More in detail, the following aspects will be addressed

  • Short introduction of social LCA: background, characteristics, difficulties
  • Presentation of the development of PSILCA: idea, structure and methodology of PSILCA; selection and presentation of qualitative and quantitative indicators; description of data collection methods and of the selected activity variable
  • Presentation and discussion of fields of application (e.g. hybrid application) underlined by a case study
  • Explanation of the use of PSILCA in LCA software (openLCA)

During the course, participants will carry out exercises to apply PSILCA and illustrate the individual working steps mentioned above.


Aim is that the participants learn how to measure and assess social impacts of products over their entire life cycle using the PSILCA database.

Target group:

Addressed are LCA practitioners interested in social LCA and/or the connection of E-LCA and S-LCA. Basic knowledge of LCA is required. 


  • openLCA software (free download at
  • PSILCA database (a database licence type Starter without maintenance is included in the registration fee)
  • own notebook


August 30, 2015; 9 am to 5 pm


The training will be held within the 7th Life Cycle Management International Conference "LCM 2015 - Life Cycle Management for product sustainability value creation" in the Convention Center of Bordeaux, France.


Franziska Eisfeldt

Registration fees:

Please note that the user licence is prerequisite to participate in the course. A database licence (Starter version without maintenance) is included in the regular and academic fees "incl. license". Participants that already purchased a PSILCA licence pay the fees "without licence".

Early bird fee: register before 12 June 2015 AND pay before 19 June 2015

  • Regular (incl. licence): 600 EUR
  • Regular (without licence): 280 EUR 
  • Academic (incl. licence): 400 EUR
  • Academic (without licence): 80 EUR

Standard fee: ***DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 26 AUGUST 2015***:

  • Regular (incl. licence): 750 EUR
  • Regular (without licence): 350 EUR
  • Academic (incl. licence) 500 EUR
  • Academic (without licence) 100 EUR

For registration, please fill in the form and send it back to:

Franziska Eisfeldt
Sustainability Consultant

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13349 Berlin, Germany 

Tel. +49 30 48 496 ? 992
Fax +49 30 48 496 - 991 

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