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Regionalised LCIA Workshop

May 12, 2014, in Basel (SETAC Conference)

The workshop was co-organised by US Department of Agriculture (USDA), ETH Zürich, and GreenDelta during the SETAC Conference of 2014 in Basel.

The purpose was to show the current status of regionalised impact assessment modeling in LCA on databases, impact assessment models and software. In all these areas, recent progress, e.g. due to an ongoing project for extending openLCA at USDA, deserved a dedicated workshop.

During the workshop, the necessity and convenience of performing regionalised LCIA was presented, as well as a summary of the regional aspects of some of the most used LCA databases and an overview on currently existing regionalised LCIA methods. Moreover, the issues to address when linking the inventory and regionalised impact assessment methods were commented and discussed. Finally, new software implementations of GIS-based regionalised LCIA were introduced and an open debate about them took place.

For further details on the presenters, organisers and software please refer to the agenda.

We would like to thank all the participants in Basel and via the webcast for their interest.


Andreas Ciroth, GreenDelta

Why and when does regionalized LCIA make sense?

Chris Mutel, ETH Zürich

Regional concepts in LCA databases: ecoinvent, ELCD, LCAdigitalcommons database

Stephan Pfister, ETH Zürich

LCIA methods: current and emerging LCIA models for expressing regional differences

Cristina Rodríguez, GreenDelta

Challenges of linking regionalized LCIA methods and LCA databases

Chris Mutel, ETH Zürich

Brightway2 - Regional And Pandarus: Python Foss for regionalization

Cristina Rodríguez, GreenDelta

openLCA implementation of GIS-based regionalized LCA - practical demonstration of status and possibilities