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Training dates are scheduled! More details are available on the openLCA website

22. October 2014

Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2014 on November 17th, 2014

IHOBE is organizing the Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2014 in Bilbao, Spain. The event brings...

22. October 2014

4th International Seminar in social LCA on Nov 19th - 21st in Montpellier, France

This fourth seminar on social LCA asserts the necessity of a specific research concerning social...

GreenDelta is an independent sustainability consulting and software company located in Berlin, Germany, founded in 2004 as a capital company.

GreenDelta provides internationally-leading services for software and consulting in sustainability:

Life Cycle Analyses studies Life Cycle Assessment; Life Cycle Costing; social LCA; carbon footprint; eco-efficiency; critcal review acc. ISO 14040, 14044; data collection and management
Strategic Sustainability Consulting opportunities and threats; greening supply chains; implementing life cycle thinking; communication
Customised software development web- and desktop applications; websites; databases; openLCA extensions
LC software: training for openLCA worldwide GreenDelta is creator of openLCA, a free and open source software for sustainability assessment and LCA, for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Sales and support for the ecoinvent database worldwide for openLCA