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Extension of the openLCA software

Extension and improvement of openLCA to optimise its use in the context of the digital commons project

Project description

US Department of Agriculture, USDA, is using openLCA in the context of its LCA digital commons project. openLCA is an open source LCA software that GreenDelta has developed since 2007. To optimise openLCA in the context of the digital commons project, USDA is interested in having openLCA further extended and improved. 

The following tasks will be implemented:

  • add to openLCA the ability to deal with uncertainty in parameters
  • provide extended regionalised Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) modelling for openLCA
  • optional: review and provide feedback to add ontology information for the digital commons and for openLCA import and export

Starting date

August 2013

Commissioner/Cooperation partner

LCA Digital Commons Project National Agriculture Library/USDA/ARS